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12 Days Until Christmas! Countdown With An Awesome Adult Advent Calendar

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adult advent calendar

‘Tis the season for advent calendars! But who says the kids get to have all the fun? Adult advent calendars are becoming more and more popular. Whether they’re samplers from our favorite brands, or foods we oh-so love, adult advent calendars can be so fun! Get ready to look forward to every day and opening up an adult advent calendar – or to gift them to someone you think would love it.

K-cup coffees

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If you or a loved one is a coffee lover, stop right there. This 12-day K-cup coffee advent calendar is for you. If you drink coffee daily anyway, this can excite up your routine as you’ll have to look forward to new flavors to try that also happen to ring in the holiday spirit. From candy cane to cinnamon bun to Christmas cookie, you’ll surely look forward to a cup of cheer every year. Coffee not your thing? No worries. If you’re a hot chocolate lover, they also make a hot chocolate k-cup advent calendar. With flavors like gingerbread, caramel, and candy cane, the hot chocolates are just as festive and can surely be a great adult advent calendar. Want free Amazon shipping? Click here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.

One for the Friends Fans

The One Where Estelle Dies Episode 15 GIF by Friends - Find & Share on GIPHY

Friends is the classic sitcom, and its fanbase is unwavering for good reason. So, if you’re a big fan of the show, this advent calendar is for you. Stocked full of keepsakes and little references to the show, this advent calendar is so fitting for during a holiday-season binging of Friends. Could an advent calendar BE any cooler? Even though the traditional advent calendar Christmas countdown is full of 12 to 25 goodies for you to enjoy, this advent calendar is apparently filled to the brim with surprises, so be prepared for an advent calendar as full as Monica’s secret closet.

One for the Star Wars Fans

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Now, fan bases wouldn’t be complete without Star Wars, and this advent calendar proves that movie or television-based advent calendars are amazingly cool. Similar to the Friends advent calendar, this Star Wars one apparently has more surprises than you’d expect, with 30 goodies for Star Wars fans. Now, they’re not giving away any surprises, but reviews mention that any Star Wars fan would absolutely love this advent calendar, so, use the force to get one of these advent calendars into your home.

Hot Sauce

Look At Us Paul Rudd GIF by First We Feast: Hot Ones - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hot sauce always makes a good gift for any lover of heat, but if that’s you, here’s how you can treat yourself to something spicy every day as you countdown to Christmas. This hot sauce advent calendar is a sampler spread throughout 12 days, including bottles of different flavors allows you to explore new flavors and flames. From Habanero Green Hot Sauce to Mango Mild to Garlic Hot Sauce, there’s a lot inside this little box for you to experience.

NYX makeup

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Love makeup? This NYX sampler is a 12-day advent calendar that will not only build up your makeup collection with products you’ll love throughout the holiday season and beyond, but it also might introduce you to something you wouldn’t pick out for yourself, which is often half the fun of advent calendars. Explore new makeup ideas and trends and enjoy this kit full of surprises. From lip creams and glosses to eyeshadow colors and even more surprises, you’ll really love the assortment in this NYX makeup advent calendar.


Angry Lego Movie GIF by LEGO - Find & Share on GIPHY

LEGO is a great way for adults to bring out their child-like creativity and build and play. LEGO advent calendars are so cool that anyone would want to steal them. Not only that, but there’s a LEGO advent calendar for everyone! This one is a Harry Potter themed LEGO advent calendar and it’s SO cool. With individual elements you get to unveil throughout the course of the countdown, you also get to create an overall scene at the end with all the elements together. Want free Amazon shipping? Click here for a free trial of Amazon Prime.


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We’ve been waiting for this one. If you’re a wine lover, your time has come. This is a 12-day countdown with little bottles you can try every day leading up to Christmas. Look forward to trying different brands and types of wine from all over the world. This sampler countdown will help expand your wine knowledge and get you tipsy doing it. What’s better than that?


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On that same beverage route, teas can make for just as cool of an advent calendar. Cozy up with a cup of tea for 24 days leading up to Christmas and enjoy an assortment of flavors for you to sample. Also, if the packaging of this one doesn’t sell you on this advent calendar, I don’t know what will. It is so cute and such a sweet, cozy idea for an advent calendar that will get adults excited like we were when we were kids.

Which adult advent calendar would you love most? Let us know in the comments!

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