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5 Cottagecore Etsy Shops That Will Help You Bloom Into Style

cottagecore etsy shops

By now, the cottage core aesthetic has been popular for a while and those of us who love the fairy-esque, mushroom-loving, leafish style, these are the best places to find items we love within this adorable aesthetic online! Read along for the cutest  cottagecore Etsy shops.

Moon and Cottage

cottagecore etsy shops

This shop is adorable and great if you’re a cottage-core loving fashionista. If you’re into sustainability, you’ll love to hear that much of what is put up on Moon and Cottage are vintage and thrifted finds ready for new wear and a new life! Additionally, you can find everything fairycore within this etsy shop, so it’s truly a trendy place for cottage core lovers. Also, who doesn’t love mysteries, Moon and Cottage also brings the fun with mystery parcels full of fashionable cottage core goodies and clothing items.

Fawn and Dove Gift Co

cottagecore etsy shops

Moon and Cottage may have you covered for clothes, but when it comes to jewelry, Fawn and Dove Gift Co. is a great option. With natural-inspired designs, the jewelry sold at Fawn and Dove is not only beautiful and delicate– a cottage core dream– but also quite whimsical, so you might even be feeling like you’re living your dream fantasy lifestyle with these pieces from Fawn and Dove.

Towne Witch Creations

cottagecore etsy shops

I’m a little bit partial… but the witchy side of the cottage core realm is my favorite little corner of it. Find all kinds of witchy essentials and tools on this Etsy shop, but it’s most notable for its witch apothecary kits and mystery boxes. Though, if you’re looking for a spot to find witchy items such as herbs, crystals, candles, etc. Towne Witch Creations is a corner of Etsy you’d love.

Lune and Stars

cottagecore etsy shops

Cottage core designs on modern, simple items?… Yes please! Known mostly for its aesthetic tops and decor, Lune and Stars is a staple for the cottage core lover. You can find comfy, familiar items like mugs, sweatshirts, t-shirts, stickers, and more with adorable designs and cute cottage core touches that make these essential items feel a bit more you. Also, did I mention everything is SO freakin’ adorable?? Well, it is!

Harmonic Horizons

cottagecore etsy shops

Need more jewelry options? Well, Harmonic Horizons has a bunch more options for you! Like Fawn and Dove Gift Co, Harmonic Horizons has great jewelry with cute, nature-inspired patterns and designs. Oh yeah, and they have an abundance of mushroom merch– enough to make any cottage core lover swoon. Other fun goodies that can be found on this Etsy shop include sun catchers and knick knacks for around your home.

Which of these 5 cottagecore etsy shops do you like most? Let us know in the comments!

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