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Obsessed Like We Are? Here’s Where To Buy A Stanley Cup

where to buy a stanley cup

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Move aside, Hydroflasks! Stanley tumbler cups are the new favorite reusable cup that people can’t get enough of. The trend has been taking over TikTok lately, with so many people featuring the Stanley cup in their daily routine videos and more. With a sleek design that comes with a straw and handle and so many colors to choose from, are we really surprised?

The tumbler has become so insanely big that there’s a chance you can find someone holding a Stanley cup anywhere you look, whether it’s a college campus, nursing unit or corporate office. They’re selling out in stores everywhere and people are dying to get their hands on one (Or two or three!)

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But, Stanley cups aren’t exactly unique or affordable. With the fact that they’ve become so popular, you have to wonder if they’re even worth the hype–and we can help you decide. We’ve looked into this new tumbler trend to find out where to buy a Stanley cup, where the best prices are and if it’ll make a worthy addition to your cup collection.

What They Look Like


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A lot of the hype that’s been generated around the Stanley tumbler cup is definitely due to its sleek look. These cups are tall and slender, and feature a wide handle for easy gripping. The signature lid has a straw that people are loving for iced coffee and water. The 30-ounce and 40-ounce tumblers are by far the most popular right now, but Stanley also offers 14-ounce and 20-ounce sized cups. The cups also come in a ton of colors ranging from neutrals to bright neon shades, which only adds to their appeal.

How Good Does It Actually Work?


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Stanley cups are not just for decoration, even though we admit they’re pretty to look at. So, you’ll want to know how well they work as a drinking cup. Stanley claims that its 30-ounce tumbler can keep your drink cold for nine hours, iced for 40 and hot for five. Reviewers on Amazon say that drinks stay cold and ice keeps frozen, but many say they’re not totally leakproof. If you’re planning on using the Stanley tumbler for coffee or tea, leaks might not be so fun, so consider this before you splurge.

The Price Isn’t Pretty

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We know how cute the cup is and how well it works, so now it’s time to talk money. The cost of Stanley cups is all over the place right now due to high demand and certain colors being out of stock. The 30-ounce tumblers are sold for $35. That’s unless they’re the popular shade called “Cream,” which is going for $60 right now. You can find the 40-ounce cups anywhere from $45 to a whopping $80 for the more coveted colors. The prices of Stanley tumblers are pretty steep and are definitely something to mull over before you decide to give in to the trend.

Where To Buy One, If You’re Convinced


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If you’re ready to hop on the Stanley boat despite the crazy prices, we don’t blame you! But we won’t lie, it’s pretty hard to get your hands on a Stanley tumbler right now. People have been able to snag cups at Target, Amazon and Dicks Sporting Goods, but demands are high and selections are limited. Target has exclusive colors and patterns (like the tie dye editions) that are limited time, so run to your local Target fast! Other websites like Magnolia have them, too – so it might take a little online search, especially if you’re looking for a specific color. Some stores are even putting a limit on how many cups you can buy at a time! To avoid price spikes from Amazon sellers and other online retailers, trying to get a Stanley tumbler in person may be your best bet.

Did you like this article on where to buy a Stanley cup? Will you be trying one? Let us know in the comments below!

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