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Want Flavored Water Through Scent Alone? Air Up Water Bottle Review

Air Up water bottle review

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Water bottles have been trending online forever, with new brands and designs coming into popularity every few months, like the Stanley Cup or the Owala Free Sip. Air Up is one water bottle now trending online after people realized that you can drink 100% water and have it flavored only through smell. If you haven’t heard of Air Up water bottles yet, here is an Air Up water bottle review so that you can learn all about the crazy technology behind tasting with your nose.

How does Air Up work


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Air Up water bottles use scented pods that can be attached to the lid of their bottles and create a sense of flavor. How Air Up works is by using retronasal science to connect what you are smelling to what you are tasting. 80% of what we perceived as flavor comes from what we smell. So by using plain water, you can experience the flavors of different food-based scents. The pods are interchangeable and can last for about 23 refills until you need to replace the pod. When you add your pod to the bottle, make sure to lift the lip of the pod to activate the scent-induced flavor and push the pod back down if you don’t want any flavor at that moment.

Benefits of scent-based water bottles


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If you sometimes fail to drink enough water or get bored of the tastelessness of water as I do, then a scent-based water bottle might help you. The flavor can be an incentive to drink more, as it won’t even feel like you drinking water at all. Also, because it is only plain water you are drinking, it is zero calories and way more healthy for you than something like flavored water drops or packets. The pods also last quite a while, but you can switch out the flavors whenever you choose or brings multiple pods with you on the go if you feel like having options throughout the day.

How to buy it

You can buy Air Up water bottles on their website. The water bottles first come as a starter set with water bottles and a 3-pack of pods. It gives you the option between their original plastic tritan bottles in 22 oz or their new steel bottle, which included two sizes, 16 oz and 28 oz. The water bottle sets can range from $39.99 to $64.99 depending on the material, size, color, and flavor pack. They do currently have a promo code for a free 3-pod pack, “SUMMER23” which is up to a $12.99 discount in value depending on the flavor pack.

All about the flavors

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Air Up currently has 15 flavored pods to choose from. The pods mostly come in packs of 3, with prices ranging from $7.99 to $12.99 for the 3-packs. They also have a 5-pod variety pack for $14.99. The flavors they offer are often fruity, herbal, or exotic. The list of flavors includes wild berry, mango-passion fruit, cherry, raspberry-lemon, watermelon, apple, peach, lemon, orangeade, blueberry, tangerine, orange-vanilla swirl, lime, cucumber and basil-lemon. When drinking from the bottles, the flavors might not be as strong as something like pop or juice concentrate, but it can still be a great way to add some taste to your water.

Other fragrance water bottles

If you like the idea of the Air Up water bottle technology, but don’t want to spend as much money on a new water bottle or want to test out other options, here are some alternatives on Amazon that are also scent-based flavoring bottles you can try.

Do you agree with this Air Up water bottle review? Will you be trying one out? Let us know in the comments!

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