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Have You Heard Of The New Lemon8 App? Here’s A Guide To Using The Internet’s New Favorite Platform

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If you love scrolling through TikTok and Instagram, there’s a new app on the market that might be right up your alley, called Lemon8. This lifestyle app is trending at number 1 in the App Store right now and is attracting so many users from various social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest. Lemon8 is said to be a unique blend of all three of these apps, which is why it has gained so much popularity from influencers all over the U.S. and U.K.

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From all the hype that’s been generated around TikTok, then BeReal and now Lemon8, It’s obvious that Gen-Zers can’t get enough of new social media apps, and neither can Zillennials! We went ahead and took a deep dive into Lemon8 so you don’t have to. If you’re wondering if the app is worth the download, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a complete guide on how to use Lemon8 app.

What’s on it?

Lemon8 lets users post both photos and videos, and asks you what content you want to see right when you hop on. Your feed will be totally curated to your likes, whether its fashion, beauty, food or more. Like TikTok, Lemon8 has “for you” and “following” pages and, mirroring Instagram’s interface, users can post and swipe through a carousel of photos. What is unique about Lemon8 is that most of the photos have text on them describing what’s going on in the photo, which makes for a cute and aesthetically interactive platform.

How to use it


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On Lemon8, a lot of people are posting everyday lifestyle content from outfits, foods, workouts and more. You’ll see posts about what’s in someone’s bag or how they make their favorite cold brew. Not only this, but people are spicing up their posts by adding doodles and words onto their pictures. For example, if someone’s showing off their outfit of the day, they will add in “ootd” in a  cute font right onto their photo. And, in the next slide, you can see them showing the details by writing in where they got each piece of their outfit from. To edit your posts in true Lemon8 fashion, you can use a variety of apps like Procreate and Canva. There are even tutorials on editing right on the app that are posted by actual users.

Who should get it?

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It’s no secret that influencers, especially those with smaller platforms on TikTok and Instagram, are running to Lemon8. Since there aren’t too many users on the app right now, small influencers are making accounts on Lemon8 to generate a bigger following than they probably could on bigger platforms like TikTok and Instagram where big influencers dominate. The app is great not just for small influencers who want to expand their reach, but also for anyone who loves scrolling through all of the aesthetic content on social media. If you spend time making vision boards on Pinterest for fun, Lemon8 will probably win you over with its cute and appealing feed. Also, Lemon8 has an undeniable lifestyle magazine and blog vibe, so if you’re into reading those then you’ll definitely find Lemon8 becoming one of your new favorite apps.

Overall, get on Lemon8!

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Lemon8, consider yourself Zillennial approved! We love how the app combines elements of TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest, while incorporating creativity and fun. Lemon8 is a unique app that allows you to express yourself and connect with other lifestyle content lovers. If you’re sold on the app like we are, run, don’t walk, and get on Lemon8!

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