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New To Lemon8? Here Are Tips And Tricks On How To Grow Your Account

how to grow on Lemon8

This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s spring editorial intern Selma Dizdarevic. Find her on Instagram at @selmadiizdarevic. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at thezillennialzine@gmail.com.

So many people are ditching their TikTok and Instagram accounts for Lemon8. Why? Well, if you read our article all about the internet’s new favorite platform, then you know that Lemon8 has become a refreshing source of creativity for social media users. It allows people to share the little things in life in a different, more aesthetic way. And, because it’s a new app, there’s less pressure from big influencers and content creators.

I’ve been on Lemon8 for a few months now and, full disclosure, I would choose it over TikTok any day! Posting is fun and low-stakes and the community is so welcoming and supportive. If you haven’t joined Lemon8 yet or are just starting out, you might be wondering how to gain a following on the app. (If you’re interested in that kinda thing, of course. Lemon8 is still totally fun and worthwhile even if you have a small account!) While figuring out how the platform works and what people like to see on it, I’ve gathered some tips and tricks that I think all Lemon8 users should know. Here is how to grow on Lemon8.

Make your posts interactive and interesting

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Making posts that people will actually want to click on will help you gain a following. Some examples of this are posting your favorite coffee orders from Starbucks, book recommendations that people just have to read and niche outfit ideas. Have your cover image (aka the image that people will see first on their feed) display words that will attract people to your post, like “books you need to read this summer.” Then, add a carousel of photos that people will have to swipe through to find said books. This is a great way to get people to view, like and save your posts, and come back for more.

Get creative

how to grow on Lemon8

If you scroll through your feed on Lemon8, you’ll be sure to find all types of aesthetic photos. Some have digital text on them which you can add through the app itself. Lemon8 offers so many text templates to choose from, ranging in color, font and style. This makes it easy to find what you love and make it fit your aesthetic.

A big thing Lemon8 is known for is doodles and writing on posts, as you can see above! This is a post I made to my Lemon8 account featuring my current favorite Dunkin order. I drew the outline and words using my iPad, Apple Pencil and the Freeform app. Drawing apps like this one and others like Procreate and GoodNotes make it easy to upload your photo and get creative. Don’t feel pressured to draw on your pictures if it’s not your thing. Many creators are sticking to the in-app text feature and have gained followers that way, too. The most important thing is that you are having fun with your posts and truly love the content you are putting out.

Stick to photos

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Keep the short videos on Instagram and TikTok. Some influencers who have made their way to the app are recycling their TikTok and Instagram reels in Lemon8. Judging by the comments on these videos and my own personal opinion, leave the videos on TikTok and IG! While you have the option to post videos on Lemon8, the app has become a home for casual pictures, not overly curated videos from other apps. Static content is what Lemon8 is all about, and it’s what a majority of its users seem to prefer.

Post niche content and do it often

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To build your brand on Lemon8, a good idea is to post specific, niche content that you aren’t seeing everywhere, and to do so often. For example, you can post what you think are the best shoes to wear on summer vacation, water bottle reviews and how to pose for different pictures. People will be more attracted to your page if your posts are specific, unique and original. Posting often is another good way to gain a following and keep growing. Putting out content at least once every day is great if you’re looking to grow fast.

Be true to yourself

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With all of these tips, it’s important to remember to be who you are! Do not feel pressured to curate fancy content or post every hour if you don’t enjoy it. Lemon8 is meant to be an easier and more casual platform for social media lovers, so don’t sweat the posts. Above all else, being genuine and sharing what you truly love is the best way to build a community of kindness, support and fun on Lemon8.

Did you like this article on how to grow on Lemon8? Do you have any other tips for users? Let us know in the comments!

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