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Different Face Piercing Types to Help Enhance Your Style

face piercing types

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Do you feel like your look is a bit stale or are you wanting to change your appearance? A face piercing can be a subtle way to enhance your style! Normally cheaper than replacing an entire wardrobe or revamping your hair color, piercings are a quick and fun way to express yourself. Just remember to take your aftercare seriously, and stock up on some eye-catching, sustainable jewelry ahead of time! Here’s a comprehensive list of face piercing types and other important information to know before booking an appointment.


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Nose piercings have become more common over the years, but still remain a unique look and in some cases a “step up” from a traditional ear piercing. Since your nose is front and center, they also tend to make more of a statement or be more noticeable. If you’re a beginner looking for something simple and small, a nostril piercing is recommended. These piercings look natural and are versatile when trying out different jewelry. If you’re wanting a more unique look, try a double nose piercing with one on each nostril or two on the same side. We also love the look of having a stud and a hoop on the same nostril. You can find a wide selection of beautiful, ethically, and sustainably sourced nose jewelry here.

Septum piercings have also grown in popularity, so this might be the right choice for you if you’re feeling more adventurous! Otherwise known as the “bull ring” this piercing can seem more intimidating and prompt you to wonder “How bad will that hurt?” According to Cosmopolitan, it shouldn’t be too painful as a piercer typically aims for the soft and flexible area of skin toward the tip of your nostril and not the actual cartilage.


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Lip piercings tend to hurt more than nose piercings, but pain tolerance and body type are large factors that can influence each person’s experience. Also, take into consideration that your mouth naturally has a lot of bacteria, so chances of infection are high, making thorough aftercare all the more important. There are over 15 different ways to pierce your lips, from a standard labret to a Monroe, Madonna, or Ashley! Our personal favorites are the Medusa and vertical labret piercings.

A vertical labret is pierced through both sides of the bottom lip as shown above. It creates a striking look and is a very fun way to express your individuality! According to Byrdie, the piercing itself can cost anywhere between $30- $100 dollars and can take up to eight weeks to heal.

A Medusa piercing is located just above the upper lip in the area referred to as the cupid’s bow. The price can vary and the piercing itself can take a few months to fully heal. You can choose to mix and match a variety of nose and lip piercings to create a unique look! We love the combination of a nostril, septum, medusa, and side labret piercing.


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We saved the least intimidating for last as ear piercings are not as noticeable compared to other face piercings, and can seem like less of a commitment. While these appear relatively low-key in comparison, it’s still important to be diligent with aftercare, avoid sleeping on the pierced area, and clean them with saline twice a day. For an easier piercing both care and pain-wise, the high lobe is recommended. However, if you can tolerate a bit more pain and up to nine-month healing times, try a high lobe and daith piercing combo as seen above.

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There are so many options when it comes to ear piercings and each one comes with its own set of pros and cons. Just remember as a general rule of thumb that lobe piercings are easier to withstand and heal than cartilage piercings. The sky’s the limit when it comes to face piercing types, especially with diligent aftercare and the ability to have a combination of piercings or mix-and-match jewelry.

Are you wanting to spice up your look with a new piercing? Have any advice, ideas, or must-try combos? Let us know in the comments below!

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