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Your Zodiac Sign as a Lana Del Rey Song: Which One are You?

lana del rey songs as zodiac signs

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It’s no secret that Lana Del Rey is an icon for the sad girls and boys, known for her brooding aesthetic teeming with dark Hollywood glamor. Her unique music continues to draw listeners in with its deep, emotional, and edgy nature. Amid the recent release of her ninth studio album, Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, fans are crazy for the famous singer and the vivid world she creates through her lyrics. Also known as the tragic romantic of our generation, there’s a Lana song for everyone. Here are the Lana Del Rey songs as zodiac signs to help guide you through her impressive discography. Happy listening!

Aries – Chemtrails Over the Country Club

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Aries are known for being passionate and courageous, commonly exhibiting blind optimism. In the lyrics of this track Lana sings “I’m on the run with you, my sweet love” and goes on to describe wealthy and exciting romance turning into mundane suburbia. A ballad reminding listeners “it’s never too late, baby, so don’t give up” is fitting for Aries as they dislike apathy and are always ready to step up and lead. However, they often learn lessons the hard way, which aligns with visions of the decaying American Dream.

Taurus – Love

You can’t ignore the fact that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love! Aside from that fitting connection, Taurus tends to enjoy relaxing, soothing environments and stays grounded in the present. Lana sings about feeling young and in love, not being worried about the future, and with that comes feelings of invincibility. This song is a vibe, inviting us all to stay happy in the present and enjoy our youth.

Gemini – Ride

This Lana Del Rey song is for the individuals who are tired of being perfect and just want to be wild and free, who love summer and escaping on vacation or driving with the windows down. Aligning perfectly with our Geminis who are known for being social butterflies and busy bodies full of personality, and prioritizing living in the moment.

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Cancer – Young and Beautiful

Cancer finds strength in loyalty and commitment, which is the heart of this popular love song. Intuitive homebodies longing for someone to love them for what’s on the inside. The dreamy quality of this song is just like the dreamy and caring personality of cancers.

Leo – Music to Watch the Boys To

A powerhouse track for the femme fatale and the fierce Leo who is fittingly represented by the Lion. “It’s all a game to me anyway” sings Lana, lyrics that are reminiscent of Leo’s inclination toward drama-filled romance. 

Virgo – Video Games

Virgo is inherently a perfectionist, which can be destructive when things don’t go as planned, or they’re caught holding onto an unattainable ideal. This track is ruminating on a love that Lana wants to improve, but in the back of her head knows won’t last.

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Libra – Blue Jeans

Libra prioritizes harmonious partnerships with fashionable mates. Sounds familiar, like Lana Del Rey pining over a former James Dean-esque lover, using the lines “I’m a ride or die” and “I will love you til the end of time.”

Scorpio – Doin’ Time

Ruled by Pluto, the planet that governs destruction, Scorpio is also the sign most closely associated with sex. That’s quite the combo – and definitely one that pairs well with a Lana Del Rey song. The lyrics tell a story about a conflict, and the perspective of someone torn between pleasure and consequences.

Sagittarius – High By the Beach

Sagittarius are adaptable and known to not take anything too seriously, and this song perfectly encapsulates that energy of being unbothered.

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Capricorn – National Anthem

This popular track speaks to the complicated relationship between money, love and success. Capricorn is known to be skilled at navigating the emotional and material worlds, paired with impressive amounts of determination and motivation to overcome whatever stands in their way. Sounds like someone that’s ready to show up and make a name for themselves!

Aquarius – West Coast

Cool, calm, and collected: Aquarius pairs well with this surf-rock throwback depicting Lana leaving her lover to travel and ultimately returning after missing him too much. Taking risks also pays homage to the Aquarius tendency of being a rebel at heart.

Pisces – White Mustang

The last constellation of the zodiac and the final installment of Lana Del Rey songs as zodiac signs, Pisces is highly regarded as empathetic and sensitive. While there are many benefits to these traits, one downside is being easily swayed by emotions. The lyrics of White Mustang tell a similar story of disillusion, enthrallment with a nice car and a reckless man you were “a fool for believing.”

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Does your zodiac sign match its Lana Del Rey song? What Lana Del Rey songs as zodiac signs do you think fit better? Which Lana Del Rey song is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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