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5 Outfit Ideas To Get The TikTok Corporate Girl Aesthetic

corporate girl aesthetic

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Are you starting a new job? Or simply looking to elevate your professional wardrobe? We can help! The corporate girl aesthetic has been trending all over TikTok, where people have been sharing their favorite outfits to wear to work. Basically, the corporate girl aesthetic is all about wearing classy, sophisticated businesswear and, most importantly, going to work in something that makes you feel good!

We know it can be hard to come up with cute, professional and affordable outfits to wear to work. So, we’ve gathered five budget-friendly outfit ideas for you to get the corporate girl aesthetic of your dreams without breaking the piggy bank!

Matching suit set

Nothing says “put together” quite like a matching business suit! Check out this mint green ensemble on Amazon for only $30.99! Or, if you’re into fun patterns, try this plaid blazer and skirt set that ranges from $46.99 to $50.99. Pair your favorite matching set with a classic pump. Pointed-toe and square-toe heels are so in right now and are perfect for all the corporate girlies out there. These classic black heels would look adorable with any matching look.

Sweater vests

Sweater vests are a personal favorite because they can be worn casually or dressed up for a more professional look. Take your favorite one, like this simple brown one that’s only $28.99 on Amazon. Throw it over a long sleeve white button-up shirt for a sophisticated look that’s giving all the dark academic vibes. Dress it down with your favorite pair of jeans or match it with a pair of trousers. Add some basic accessories and you’ve got a simple yet cute corporate girl outfit.

Colorful pants

Who said corporate fashion had to be boring? Add some color to your life and outfit with a bright pant! If you feel pretty in pink, these hot pink trousers are only $36.99! They’re adorable and the color is perfect to wear during the summer. This red pant is equally as exciting and can easily spice up any outfit. Pair your bold pant with any neutral sweater or button-up. Since your fun and funky bottoms will do all the talking, keep your accessories simple and neutral. This black bag is both simple and cute and is sure to fit everything you need to get through the workday.


Blazers are a businesswear staple! We love their versatility, the different colors and patterns they come in, and how good they look on. To play with neutrals, try this grey blazer over a white shirt and white pants. For the shoes, the options are endless. If you’re more of a comfort girl, flats are a solid option. Slingback flats are so in right now for the corporate girl aesthetic. Check out this cute knit pair that would look so cute with any blazer look you come up with!


Midi skirts are great pieces to add to your corporate girl wardrobe, and are especially perfect to wear to work during the warmer seasons! Amazon has so many skirts that are both adorable and professional. Plus, they won’t hurt your wallet. Try this satin black one that is easily paired with anything. Tuck a sleeveless sweater into your skirt and throw on some oxfords or mules for an effortlessly put-together look.

Did you like this article on the corporate girl aesthetic? Will you be trying any of these outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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