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9 Discontinued Snacks From Your Childhood That Will Leave You Feeling Nostalgic

discontinued snacks from the 90s

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We all have certain snacks that remind us of our childhood. For every special occasion, school event, family visit, or celebratory reward, there was a snack waiting. They remind us of a simpler time when we were young and rewinding after a long day at school, watching cartoons and eating Scooby Doo fruit snacks to take the edge off.

Over the years, you may or may not have noticed some of your favorite childhood snacks disappearing off the shelves. You may also be surprised to learn that there are many discontinued snacks from the 90s and 2000s. In ode to the past and our former (smaller) selves, here’s a list of what’s been axed in the modern world. For some, I was disheartened to hear of their elimination but for others, such as the Heinz EZ Squirt, it was probably for the best.

Kudos Bars

While Kudos have been around since the ‘90s, most Zillennials will remember their candy-flavored variety pack in the early 2010’s. A glorified granola bar, the brand was popular for offering flavors with Dove chocolate, M & M’s, and Snickers; most teenagers will remember eating these for breakfast.


Originally introduced by General Mills in 1990, these snack-sized packages of cookies and frosting were discontinued in 2012. Classic flavors include vanilla cookies and chocolate frosting, and vanilla cookies with rainbow sprinkle frosting. General Mills brought these back in 2020 for nostalgic purposes, and have since created a Dunkaroos inspired cereal, cookie mix, and frosting for avid fans.


Yogos were advertised as “yogurty-covered fruit dots” that were a “good source of calcium and vitamin c” according to the original packaging. They came in a variety of flavors: strawberry slam, crazy berries, and berry-berry banana. The Yogos reign was short but sweet, with the product only being on shelves for 5 years but still making a lasting impact.

Trix Yogurt


2021 needs to make a Trix Yogurt commercial just as epic as this one was 👌 #trixyogurt #2009 #late2000s #2000s #2000snostlagia #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Don.

Aside from the Kudos bar, Trix Yogurt was a close second favorite for breakfast during our childhoods. Not only were these snacks considered relatively “healthy” they also stood out for their fun colors and flavors. Discontinued in 2016, the famous yogurt line has since returned in 2021 but only to select stores such as Walmart and SuperValu. While this news is exciting, don’t get your hopes up- the cotton candy flavor did not return to the roster.


A 1991 commercial depicts a happy family returning from their weekly grocery shopping trip, introducing “Squeezit Fruit Drink- so much fun kids can’t wait to get their hands on it!” Flavors included chuckling cherry and mean green puncher.

Shark Bites

According to Tasting Table, many discontinued snacks from the ’90s and 2000s have since been relaunched, but to the dismay of many excited fans, the newer products don’t compare to the originals. Shark Bites fruit snacks have suffered a similar fate. The original texture, flavors and taste of the beloved snacks may have been lost forever.

Heinz EZ Squirt

No one will ever be able to forget when Heinz tried to make ketchup exciting, no matter how hard we may try. If you were a kid in the early 2000s you definitely remember going bananas for the neon green and purple colored condiments.

Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pops


They brought dunkroos but not the laffy taffy squeeze tube candy… like why not

♬ original sound – ✩

What child wouldn’t love bright candy gel that comes in a tube and is eaten by squeezing git straight into one’s mouth? Flavors included sour apple, sour watermelon, and sour blue raspberry that were sure to stain tongues a ridiculous color. All in the name of having fun!

Cheese Nips

Otherwise known as everyone’s favorite cheese-flavored cracker, these savory snacks were all the rage until their competitor Cheezits ultimately put them out of business. We’re even more nostalgic for the SpongeBob shaped Cheese Nips

Do you have some favorite discontinued snacks from the 90s or early 2000s? What do you want to see back in stores? Let us know in the comments below!

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