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What is Blokette Core? 5 Sporty & Girly Outfit Ideas

blokette aesthetic

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With every new fashion trend that comes along, I notice that there are more creative ways for reinventing what has already been popular. One of the top fashion trends this year has been blokette core. Celebs like Bella Hadid have made this fashion style popular. This is a combination of the bloke core and coquette aesthetic. The term bloke is a popular slang in the U.K. for man, bro, etc. Bloke core is the essence of 90’s bloke fashion, where men lived in soccer jerseys and athletic wear. Coquette is synonymous with flirtation and takes a lot of inspiration from vintage fashion; it is very playful, dainty and girly. So, the combination of these two styles makes blokette fashion an interesting juxtaposition of feminine and masculine styles.

As the trend gained popularity on TikTok there has also been some debate on whether the style is copying daily middle-class British fashion and spinning it as something new. I think so many trends tend to borrow ideas from what has already been around so it’s hard to be completely innovative because everything has been worn before. Nonetheless, here are some blokette aesthetic outfit ideas.

Sports jerseys

The most popular component of a blokette outfit is a sports jersey. A mini skirt is also a popular piece of many blokette outfits and pairs well with an oversized jersey. You can wear a jersey of a team you root for, one you see has been successful or just popular recently. Most people wear soccer jerseys, but as it became popular in America there have also been outfits with U.S. sports jerseys like football and baseball. Just make sure you’re ready to defend the team you’re repping!

Sporty jackets

Similar to the sports jersey, wearing a sporty jacket is a popular option in the blokette aesthetic. With a sporty jacket, it doesn’t necessarily have to have a sports team on it. You can wear a running jacket, racer jacket or windbreaker. Mini skirts are a great pairing, and add the feminine touch to a more masculine form of clothing.


What better way to be sport chic than to wear an athletic outfit in pastels. Wearing a pastel track jacket or jersey is a way to show off your sporty side while being able to be girly. If you want to be bold, try going for a full pastel outfit and combine athleisure with dressy elements like a plaid mini skirt or pastel tights.

Maxi Skirts

We’ve established that mini skirts are one of the most popular choices for many of the blokette outfits, but maxi skirts are also a great pairing if you prefer a little more coverage or have a dress code and want to still wear this style. With a maxi skirt, you can wear any type of sports apparel on the top and it will go well together.

Baggy denim

Blokette looks don’t always have to involve mini skirts to add a girly touch. You can wear a sports jersey or track jacket with a pair of baggy shorts or jeans and still be both masculine and feminine. The key is what you pair your pants with, if you want to do something baggy on the bottom try going for a pastel color on top. You can also try a more tight-fitting or cropped top so that you are not swimming in fabric.


Accessories and hair are where the coquette part of this fashion trend can really shine. A hairstyle I’ve seen a lot with blokette outfits is pigtails and pigtail braids worn with ribbons. I’ve also been seeing a lot of calf socks and leg warmers worn with these outfits. Elements of streetwear have also been integrated into the blokette aesthetic like sunglasses and sneakers. Adidas sambas seem to be the most popular shoes worn with these outfits, but any pair of low-top sneakers would also look really good.

What did you think of the blokette aesthetic? Will you be trying out blokette fashion? Let us know in the comments!

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