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The Best Bracelet Ideas for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

funny Taylor Swift bracelet ideas

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I could not tell you how many times I have searched “funny Taylor Swift bracelet ideas” in TikTok and Google over the past few weeks as I prepare to see Taylor Swift perform at the Eras Tour in LA this weekend. I wanted a mix of general bracelet ideas, like song lyrics and albums, along with funny inside Swiftie jokes. I am confident that this article will leave you equipped with a perfect variety of ideas for the eras tour. Even though the first leg of the U.S. tour is ending next week, with international dates coming up soon along with a rumored second leg of the U.S., these bracelet ideas are sure to come in handy.

I found this list that I found on Reddit to be particularly helpful since it has a list of all of her albums and songs along with iconic lyrics.

Here is my official list of the BEST eras tour bracelet ideas. I have watched so many videos and read so many articles about ideas for this, so I am sure there are plenty of people whose ideas will be subconsciously integrated into this list. I am not claiming all of these are my original ideas, but this is a community and we will end up trading the bracelets anyway…right?

I am going to break it down into a few categories, so you can navigate all the ideas with ease!

Ex’s/people who have wronged her

Music Video Yes GIF by Taylor Swift - Find & Share on GIPHY

This category of bracelets is so funny to me, particularly because so many of these relationships were over a decade ago, meaning Taylor does not have any hard feelings toward them. So, I encourage you to be playful in this category without slandering them (except John obviously). You can change the names around for the ones with the general insults since those are not particularly specific to them, but their treatment of Taylor, of course. I am not a big fan of profanity, so any place where you want to insert that you can let your creativity run wild.

(Also any use of Joe might get confusing with Joe Jonas and Joe Alwyn so context is important here)

  • John you smell 
  • Dear John, you’re ugly 
  • Praying for John 
  • I hate Jake 
  • Kanye hate club 
  • Forever and always Joe 
  • Scooter is a loser 
  • No scooters allowed 
  • Taylor L Supremacy 
  • Taylor Squared 
  • Jake is ugly 
  • Cornelia St Joe 
  • Where is the scarf Jake?
  • Kaylor believer
  • Child of divorce 
  • Haylor


Taylor Swift Valentine GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • Spelling is fun 
  • Stupid pick up truck 
  • It’s me hi! 
  • Me he he 
  • Karma is a cat 
  • Seven 
  • Bonnie and Clyde 
  • Sexy baby 
  • F*** the Patriarchy 
  • Convert Narcissism 
  • Bitch not a baller
  • I’m NYC 
  • Screaming crying 
  • Babe 
  • I’m the problem 
  • Folkwhore 
  • Peace
  • Woodvale truther 
  • Might sink and drown and die
  • Cuz she’s dead 
  • Wya Este
  • I don’t dress 4 men 
  • Nice! 
  • Je Suis Calme 
  • IDK

Taylor References/nicknames

Im Sorry Taylor Swift GIF by 2020 MTV Video Music Awards - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • T-Swizzle 
  • Mother 
  • Mother is mothering 
  • Hey whale 
  • Slaylor 
  • No it’s becky 
  • Taylor’s version 
  • Written by 
  • Directed by 
  • Produced by

Abbreviations of lyrics

I Knew You Were Trouble GIF by Taylor Swift - Find & Share on GIPHY

Ms. Taylor Swift is known for her iconic bridges, which are unfortunately hard to fit on a friendship bracelet. So, you can do abbreveiations of a sentence or two of lyrics. I have mostly done these with song titles that are longer, since those will be easier for people to get, but for the more intense swifites, they will be able to solve any riddle you give them.

  • LWYMMD (Look what you made me do) 
  • DWOHT (Dancing with our hands tied) 
  • RWYLM (Right where you left me) 
  • ATWTMVTV (All too well, ten minute version, taylor’s version) 
  • YOYOK (You’re on your own kid) 
  • IBYTAM (I bet you think about me) 
  • DRBWYCSWYHT (Dear reader, bend when you can snap when you have to) 
  • INTSHIAMIMH (I need to say hey all me me in my head – afterglow) 
  • YSTIAACTITOEHBY (You should take it as a compliment that I am talking to everyone here but you – gorgeous)

While this is not an exhaustive list, I hope it sparked your creativity and helped you find some funny eras bracelet ideas.

What ideas do you have for eras bracelet that I missed? Leave them in the comments below.

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