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These Are The Easiest 5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

I can’t be the only one who gets bored of boring white walls and the same decor and feels the need to mix it up. Honestly, I’ve been getting really excited lately because I’ll be moving into my first home this May. I’ve been saving TikTok videos, creating Pinterest boards, hoarding and buying decor from Goodwill, and overall trying to find my perfect aesthetic. Decorating, or redecorating your house doesn’t have to be a giant commitment – in fact, I’ve found 5 easy upgrades to home ideas that can completely turn your house (or apartment) around.

Add Some Color

I know a lot of millennials were super into the stark white minimalist look, but I feel like our generation is really stepping away from that. From what I’ve seen, I’m obsessed with the bringing in of some color! Whether you paint an arch on your wall, use some peelable wallpaper, or paint your cabinets, adding in some color will really give your house some personality. There are some gorgeous wallpapers out there right now that are even safe for renters to use. If you can’t paint, there are also peelable arch-shaped stickers so you can get the same effect. Once I move into my house, be prepared to see fun pops of color, wallpaper and more!


One easy way to bring a house alive is by bringing in something living! Plants not only clear the air you breathe, but they also make your house look so much more vibrant! If you’re new to the plant world, we have an article on the easiest indoor plants to get started with. If you’re really, really bad with plants, fake plants can often do the trick and look just as real. Honestly, you don’t have to go overboard here, but a few plants around the house can really bring some new energy into your home! And it’s pretty aesthetically pleasing, not going to lie!


One of my latest obsessions is rugs. Whether you already have carpet or have hard flooring, a rug can change a space. Personally, I have a rug for the living room and a rug for the bedroom. Rugs give you a chance to change the dynamic of the room through shape, pattern and color. Looking to make your room bigger? Add a circle rug, or a large rectangle rug. They are an easy way to bring personality into a space without doing anything permanent.

Wicker Rattan

This tip might be a little too specific to my personal aesthetic, but one of the biggest home decor trends at the moment is wicker rattan. This past summer, I was absolutely obsessed with it (and I still am). Because of its popularity, some items like arch shelves and peacock chairs are being sold for a fortune online, but I have a trick for you. Every wicker rattan piece I have found has been from the thrift store. Wicker baskets, plates, laundry baskets, shelves, chairs and furniture is everywhere. Just be on the lookout next time you walk into your local thrift store because these 70s pieces were really out of style for a while – but they are coming in hot.


Mirrors naturally make your space look bigger because of their reflective quality. Beyond wanting to expand your space, mirrors are often an easy way to bring fun shapes into your living areas. Arch mirrors, much like painted arches, make a space feel comforting with very minimal effort. Wooden frame mirrors are another way to bring color and texture into the room. While you might think it’s weird to place a mirror anywhere but a bedroom or bathroom, bringing a mirror into your living room, hallway or kitchen can help it feel maximized and spacious.

What other easy upgrades to home ideas do you have? These 5 have helped me turn my space from bleh to boom! Let us know in the comments below!

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